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Youtube 1080p 60fps Freezing Anime

youtube 1080p 60fps freezing anime


Youtube 1080p 60fps Freezing Anime


























































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Technical Improvements:. In my case the lags went away completely.I wish you the best of luck,Ticy . Pretty frustrating. Install the minimum needed (drivers etc) Already have. Disable anything unnecessary in there, like anything that checks for automatic updates, Acrobat pre-loader, etc. CPU usage goes up to 90% and the video stutter.Maybe its the RAM that's going over 60%?Anyway, I can't find any solution. This should let you know if you're running flash or html5. Firefox runs videos smoothly now - however the browser itself seems abnormally slow - and worse I get massive lag - INPUT-LAG and text delay. I don't know where to download 1080p animes, and I don't really want to start going into torrents as I don't do piracy and I rather not risk my system.Unless you can recommend of a safe place to get 1080p animes in, I would test it out.However I ran a few home recorded videos, recorded with my Samsung S5 (says it's 1920 x 1080) - and it runs fine, CPU usage is about 12%.Is my hardware messed up? Or is it some Flash or software/windows issue?I might just end up formatting my system but I fear it won't help. Try again and tell me the result.

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